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When should I use a TECMASK?

Are you travelling on a plane for either work or leisure and are worried about catching the cabin flu?

Are you wanting to clean out those dusty cupboards that haven’t been touched in years but have been putting them off because the dust will have you coughing and sneezing?

Are you susceptible to hay fever in those troubling months?

Do you surround yourself with toxic chemicals while you work?

Have you got a nasty cold or flu that you don’t want to pass onto the world?

Or travel on public transport daily and are conscious about catching the common cold yourself?

…these are just some of the many reasons why our TECMASK products would be very handy to have on hand, as it is our mission to make sure our customers can breathe easy and look good doing so whilst conducting many of their day-to-day activities.

Who uses TECMASK?

  • Professionals in workplaces where common irritants are used such as cosmetic beauty brands and nail and tanning salons
  • People suffering from allergies, sensitivities or respiratory issues
  • People wanting to contain infection from colds and flu
  • People who are wanting to protect themselves from the common cold and flu
  • Anyone who wants to breathe better and easier, and take control of their health

If you have any further questions, you might find the answers you are looking for here on our FAQ page.