3 Top Tips to making sure you get off your flight feeling Fab!

    For many of us travel fiends, these upcoming weeks are going to be jam-packed with endless long nights on the beach, sightseeing famous cities, and several forms of public transport throughout all of Europe. But how do you ensure that you make the most of these few brief weeks in Europe, without giving into potential illnesses that may pop up? 

   Flights can be tough. You aren’t in your comfort zone, you are stuck with complete strangers in essentially a huge metal box in the air, and somehow you never have enough leg room. Adding the potential of getting sick to all of this, and you can make your time away miserable. 

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   Ever since the horrendous flight to India I took in 2017, I have tried to find the perfect combination of items to bring on a flight to ensure I am never again as sick as I was following that flight. Now that flight was terrible, a crying baby a few rows behind me, the passenger next to me was sick the entire time, and they had no good movies to watch. It was my worst flight to date, but since then I have been working on creating the best flight experience I can. 

So here are my top 3 tips to making sure that you get off your flight feeling fab!

1. Make sure you are comfortable.

   Comfort is king. Wherever you are flying to, chances are it’s going to be a long flight so whatever you are wearing you will be in for a while. For this reason, I would say wearing track pants and a hoodie is a must, along with comfy shoes. Wear things that you will be able to sleep and lounge around in. Remember, it’s a long flight and nobody expects you to walk off the tarmac looking like Naomi Campbell. Dress comfortably!

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2. Don’t forget your ear plugs.

   You never know who you are going to be stuck next to during a flight. You could be sat next to Zac Efron, or a baby who won’t stop crying, and from my experience unfortunately it is more often than not the latter. It’s better to prepare for the worst. That is why I always bring earplugs on any long flights. Chances are that someone in your general area will be loud, unless they are actually Zac Efron, I’m not interested. Ear plugs can just give you that extra level of privacy and will help you when it comes time to try and sleep.

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   A face mask is the perfect thing to ensure that any unwanted germs or bodily fluids are not your concern. Nobody wants to stay on a flight for 25 hours just to get off sick, and this is way a TECMASK face mask is a must. TECMASK incorporate a high-quality PM2.5 filter which has been tested and certified to be effective in warding off 99% of BFE and PFE particles. An added bonus is that they are aesthetic af, so that you’ll be able to still maintain your chic plane look whilst keeping all those germs at bay.

Follow these tips and you will hop off the plane ready to go and make the most of your trip!

Author: Oliver Rich


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