5 Packing Tips that will transform your Suitcase

Every travel lover knows having a perfectly packed bag can make ALL the difference when you set off on a trip. Whether it’s a quick night away interstate for work or a month-long travel adventure overseas, your suitcase needs to be carefully organised. You want to have everything you need but not too much excess, and to make sure everything stays clean, fresh and ready to go.

So, how to do it? Here are five easy steps that will help you achieve suitcase success:


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1. Choose an amazing bag

First things first, you need to invest in the right equipment. Some suitcases are so bulky or heavy or poorly designed that it doesn’t matter how you fill them, you’ll always have a difficult experience. Picking a really great suitcase, such as the beautifully designed pieces from Antler Luggage (our personal favourites) will make your travel experience easier and much more enjoyable, from beginning to end.


Heavy suitcase

2. Keep it light

Avoid taking too many items you don’t need. Nothing’s worse than getting home, unpacking your suitcase and realising half the items in there have gone untouched, especially shoes, which can be surprisingly heavy. Sure, you might end up having one or two items that don’t see the light of day but there’s really no point dragging around a whole lot of clothing you just don’t need.


Planning outfits when packing for holiday

3. Plan in whole outfits

This is a great way to pack light (and it’s a favourite trick of many jet-setting celebrities). If you choose items of clothing individually, it’s easy to get to the other end and realise you’re missing a crucial piece of your outfit such as a suitable pair of shoes or a belt, or have taken extra items you don’t need. Think about how long you’ll be away and what occasions you’ll need to dress for, and then plan what to take by putting together complete outfits from head to toe. And take crossover items as much as possible - for example, a simple black dress can easily be dressed up or down.


Rolling clothes vs packing clothes in a suitcase

4. Roll or fold?

Should you roll your clothing or fold them before putting them into your suitcase? Our suggestion: go with a little of both. The rolling method can help to minimise creases in clothing (especially if you lay a piece of tissue paper on top of the item before rolling it up) and allow you to fit more into your bag. But certain items, like jumpers or coats, are better folded, so it’s best to decide item by item. 


Unpacking dirty laundry after a holiday

5. Stay clean and fresh

It can be hard, particularly on longer trips when you’re moving around a lot, to keep your clean and dirty clothes separated when everything has to go into the same bag. The trick is to come prepared with some cloth drawstring bags (the ones you often get with new shoes are perfect) to help you separate dirty laundry and grubby shoes.


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