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Discover the treasures inside your TECMASK x Cloud Nine Global Hygiene Pack

Posted on April 15 2020

 Discover the treasures inside your TECMASK x Cloud Nine Global Hygiene Pack 


Staying healthy has NEVER been more important than it is right now. And we know this is a key priority for you and your family. Our TECMASK disposable masks are already a crucial tool to help you create a barrier against germs and viruses (including COVID-19) – but there are some other items you can use to help you stay clean and germ free.  

Which is why we created the Hygiene Pack, in partnership with amenity pack experts Cloud Nine Global. It has everything you need all in one convenient reusable bag. 

We’ve carefully chosen each and every item for its effectiveness, and we know you’ll love having these products on hand, especially for those times when you need to be out in public but want to still feel protected. 

This is what you’ll find inside your Hygiene Pack: 

One TECMASK Disposable Face Mask 

This is our signature product - and your single best defense against the COVID-19 virus right now. Our PM2.5 face masks have a high-efficiency filter that blocks >99% of BFE and PFE particles – with the added bonus that they are actually really gorgeous to look at! 

 Pocket-size hand sanitiser  

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you how important hand sanitiser is right now. A couple of drops can eradicate dangerous germs, droplets and particles, which will help to keep you healthy and assist in reducing the spread of disease. An absolute must-have. 

Multi purpose cleansing wipes 

There are so many ways to use these! Wipe your hands, swipe your face, clean surfaces you touch regularly… the list goes on!  

 Travel-size tissues 

An everyday essential – and a surprisingly easy item to forget! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back next time you sneeze. 

Two Hydralyte sachets  

An important part of staying healthy is staying really well hydrated, and these sachets of Hydralyte powder are just what you need to do this. Tip them into a large glass of water, stir and sip. 

Tea Tonic tea bag 

 Just wait until you try the gorgeous organic tea from Aussie company Tea Tonic. The smell alone will make you feel more relaxed, and with each sip you’ll feel your anxiety levels gradually reduce.  

A mini dental kit (with toothbrush + toothpaste)  

One of the quickest ways to feel nice and clean is to brush your teeth – and this dental kit from Colgate (a brand we all trust) is the best way to do a fast freshen up. 


 Sometime you need to use a communal pen at your doctor’s office or the bank, or when accepting a delivery. But how many people have touched it before you? Don’t worry, our Hygiene Pack contains a brand new, totally untouched pen that’s for your hands only 

A reusable case 

The plastic case that contains your Hygiene Pack is totally clear so you can see what’s inside, and has enough space to add in a few of your own favourite essentials. Plus, you can keep using it in the future to store other items! 






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