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Disposable vs Reusable Face Masks

Posted on December 03 2020

Which one is right for you?

You might be asking yourself which face mask is right for you. Disposable or Reusable? With so much information out there it can be hard knowing which one to choose. 

Single use vs Washing after use

The main difference between our reusable and disposable masks is the maintenance after each use. Disposable face masks are made for single use only compared to reusable face masks which need to be washed after every use. For the eco-conscious consumer, investing in a reusable face mask is ideal. But if a disposable face mask is more suitable for you, it is important to make sure you dispose of it correctly after each use. Read more about how to here.

Layers and Filtration

Both our disposable and reusable face masks are made of 3 layers. The outer layer of our disposable mask is made of water resistant non-woven polypropylene. It has a PM2.5 filter layer that blocks >99% of BFE and PFE particles and a silky inner layer that is soft against your skin. For more info click here.

Our Reusable face masks are Australian made and are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. The outer layer is made of a recycled polyester material with moisture management qualities. Our filter layer is made of an antibacterial ‘Folma-Shield’ foam and the inner layer is made of a Carbon Hi-Tech Yarn that allows for breathability and heat regulation. For more info click here.


Both our reusable and disposable face masks come in various designs and colours to match every outfit of the week. Check out our whole range here.



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