Do's and Dont's of Disposable Face Masks

The ultimate guide to disposable face masks

With the effects of COVID-19 and face masks becoming the norm around the world, we’ve lost sight of our goal towards a more sustainable world. The best option for eco-conscious consumers would be to wear a reusable face mask but for those using disposable face masks it is crucial to understand the do’s and don’ts for wearing these masks. 

Do: Make sure you wear an effective mask

An effective face mask should be fitted, covering your nose and mouth. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that the ideal face mask should have 3 layers.


(source: Victoria State Gov)

Do: Know when to wear your face mask

It is recommended you wear a face mask in these situations:

- Travelling on a plane
- Feeling sick and don’t want to spread germs.
- Catching public transport.
- Going to places where you can’t social distance.


        Don’t: Forget to cut the straps and dispose responsibly!

        (source @swon.studios IG)

        While disposable masks keep us safe and healthy, if they are not disposed of properly they can be fatal for our wildlife and also harmful to our environment.   

        The England RSPCA has reported 900 heartbreaking incidents of animals tangled in face masks this year!

        So how do you dispose of your face mask correctly?

        - Take off your face mask by holding the straps and fold it with the contaminated side (outer layer) facing inwards.

        - Then comes the most important part. Cut the straps! A bird will thank you later!

        - Lastly, throw away your face mask in a bin and wash your hands!

        Or even better! Consider an eco friendly option and use a Reusable Face Mask. Shop our collection of Reusable Face Masks HERE

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