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Lilia Blanari

Posted on May 03 2019


TECMASK is quickly becoming one of the most talked about travel essentials to hit the market! Take a look at what people are saying…

WHIMN Australia:

May 2019

''So, Are Disposable Face Masks Really In Fashion?''... WHIMN Australia decided to investigate this topic and come out with an interesting approach. Can a disposable face mask be both functional and stylish? Conclusion... not only are celebrities catching on to the use of disposable face masks, but they have noted TECMASK as a fashionable and functional alternative that is both 'close to home', and 'priced more reasonably' than Off-White's fashionable adaption to the common surgical mask.

So... we'll let you be the judge.

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Retail Pharmacy Media:

May 2019

It's true... doctor's are issuing warnings that the 2019 Flu Season could be 'one of the worst we've had'! But have no fear... if you cannot afford to get sick this flu season, TECMASK is here to help you avoid catching or spreading those dreaded germs...whilst looking fabulous of course! Even Retail Pharmacy Magazine agree, having included us in the 'What's New' section of their May 2019 email Newsletter.

That's right! if you love our products as much as we do, and have a retail presence where you feel your customers will love them too, we do have wholesale prices for our stockists!

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The Daily Telegraph:

April 2019

As the 2019 flu season is shaping up to what some believe may be ‘deadly, the Daily Telegraph think that TECMASK may be onto something. ‘There is now a demand for new masks that use better material, with both fashion and health appeal’…*insert TECMASK here*. Their article looks into the story behind TECMASK and how they were able to identify a need in today’s Aussie market.

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Daily Mail:

March 2019

Even Daily Mail have given TECMASK their tick of approval in their article ''Stylish' face masks are launched for corporate workers to wear in the office during flu season'', discussing all things TECMASK. As the flu season is slowly returning, the article reminds us all of the importance of trying to keep our health at optimal levels and if you can't afford to take a sick day, TECMASK has you covered.

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Roxy Jacenko:

March 2019

Sick days are no longer a thing with thanks to TECMASK!! If you have work to do and cant afford a day away from the office, you can at least do it in style! Even PR Queen and business women Roxy Jacenko agree’s and now her office is equipped with the latest in disposable face masks! Now you can always feel stylish even with the flu.

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Triple White:

January 2019

Triple White is Stylerunner’s online magazine that dedicates itself in spreading the word about news you should know about! They have included our TECMASK travel germ masks in their article which lists their 5 tips to avoid getting sick whilst travelling! Our products are always good to have with you as an added insurance, just in case you feel you might need to wear it during your flight!

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Better Homes and Gardens:

January 2019

Better Homes and Gardens have made mention of our TECMASK disposable face masks in their article advising ‘how to avoid getting sick on long flights’! They describe our germ masks as a great item to have when you are unable to select who you are sitting next to, whether they have a cold or flu or not.

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