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Lilia Blanari

Posted on January 30 2019


TECMASK is quickly becoming one of the most talked about travel essentials to hit the market! Take a look at what people are saying…

Luxury Escape:

Luxury Escape, one of the worlds biggest travel magazines, has named TECMASK surgical masks’ as one of the 5 must-have life-changing travel accessories for long haul flights. Because there is nothing worse than sitting on a plane and hearing people coughing around you, knowing that you have another 6 hours to go!

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Triple White:

Triple White is Stylerunner’s online magazine that dedicates itself in spreading the word about news you should know about! They have included our TECMASK travel germ masks in their article which lists their 5 tips to avoid getting sick whilst travelling! Our products are always good to have with you as an added insurance, just in case you feel you might need to wear it during your flight!

Check out all of their 5 tips here:


Better Homes and Gardens:

Better Homes and Gardens have made mention of our TECMASK disposable face masks in their article advising ‘how to avoid getting sick on long flights’! They describe our germ masks as a great item to have when you are unable to select who you are sitting next to, whether they have a cold or flu or not.

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Lucky You Cleanse:

LuckyYou Cleanse takes a slightly different approach by interviewing one of the brains behind TECMASK, Maddy Scarf. It talks about how TECMASK came about, what challenges it has faced and all things health, wellness and TECMASK!

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