Fog-Free: Reusable Face Masks for Glasses



Tecmask’s reusable face masks for glasses are designed to be breathable and snug-fitting. If you’ve been struggling with face masks that fog up your glasses, read our handy tips on how to wear face masks with clear vision.

Why Do Glasses Fog Up?

Face masks help glass lenses to fog up because they channel the moisture from your breath. You breathe out warm, moist air, which cools down quickly when it meets the colder atmospheric air. Cold air can’t hold the same volume of water, so this water appears on your lenses in the form of water droplets. With a poorly designed face mask, the more you breathe, the less you can see.

Choose Breathable Materials

The first step to not fogging up your glasses is in which face mask you choose to buy. Choose a reusable face mask that’s made from a breathable fabric, such as silk or polyester. These fabrics are effective in repelling respiratory droplets, without fogging up your glasses.

There’s no need to be concerned about whether a breathable face mask will work. The effectiveness comes from the thread count, more than just the fabric used. Simply choose a tightly woven fabric for a reusable face mask that will keep those around you safe.

Avoid Thick Weaves or Fabrics

It pays to not overdo it with the thread count, such as denim. Though denim is made from cotton, its thicker weave makes it too dense to properly filter the air. Leather also falls into this category of materials that are too dense to be useful. Even if these materials make a fashion statement, you won’t be able to see it through your foggy lenses.

Adjust the placement of your glasses

As well as the face mask itself, you can adjust the placement of the glasses. Set the glasses on top of your reusable face mask, and it will act as an additional seal to hold the fabric down against your face.

If your glasses have nose pads, try tweaking the nose pads to so the glasses sit further away from your face. This makes sure the frame is held a bit further off your face than usual, to accommodate for where the face mask will go and lessen the chances of your glasses fogging up.

Tuck a tissue under the nose of your mask

Fold up a tissue into a long strip and tuck it along the bridge of your nose. This can help by creating a barrier to block air from getting to your glasses and fogging them up.

Get a commercial de-fogging spray

Anti-fog sprays are designed to coat your lenses and stop them from fogging up! However, they're not as effective as a good fitting face mask and some sprays can also irritate your eyes. We recommend you check with your optometrist if you are not sure which de-fogging product will work best for you.

Reusable Face Masks for Glasses

The first step to wearing your face mask comfortably is to choose the right one. A well-designed, close-fitting, reusable face mask can make all the difference! Browse the Tecmask range of reusable face masks for glasses wearers.


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  • When I found your masks, I ordered six and got rid of all the others in my house. You really have a great product , I live in NYC a bit of hop across the lake but I will keep buying them.


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