Got a Reusable Face Mask? Here's the best way to wash it!

Got yourself a Reusable Face Mask? Here are all the things you need to know about how to care for it properly. If you're using a newly bought face mask, it is recommended you wash the product before use.

Hand wash

1. Soak your mask in warm water with any detergent you have at home.
2. Hand wash and rinse.
3. Let the mask air dry.

Machine Wash

1. Your mask can be washed in the washing machine with other clothes.*
2. Use a lukewarm water setting and any detergent you have at home.
3. Let the face masks air dry.

*It is recommended to use a washing bag when machine washing. 

Best way to store your mask

Cleaning your mask is important but so is how you store it. If you just throw it in your bag, this can transfer germs from the mask to other items in your bag.

To avoid this it's best to always keep a ziplock bag or any small disposable bag for you to store your face mask in until it's time to wash it.

Remember to practice good hand hygiene every time you handle your mask!


  • I purchased 3 large masks which are slightly big on me. My husband has decided they are his and I’ve ordered 3 medium for myself. Very comfortable, especially when I have to wear them for long periods of time. They don’t pull or hurt behind the ears. Easy to pop in the wash

    Julie S
  • I love your masks and use them everyday. I have bought 6 tell others were to buy one like mine. While I will not be purchasing more , I really enjoy the one I have purchased. Quality and Comfort with your masks I can breath and fit it prefect. Thanks to your and your company. J. Fowler in NYC, ny

    Jacquelyn Fowler

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