Hand sanitiser FAQs - 5 questions you need answered right now

Hand sanitiser FAQs - 5 questions you need answered right now 


Everyone’s talking about hand sanitiser right now, and for excellent reason. This (somewhat) simple solution, that was previously underestimated by most of us, has turned out to be one of the most in-demand items in 2020. It’s an important part of your defence against COVID-19 and a popular item in our new Hygiene Packs. 

But how much do you actually know about hand sanitiser? Here are 5 FAQs we think you might find interesting…  

1.Why does alcohol matter in hand sanitiser? 

Many of us like a drop of alcohol in our cocktails or wine glass – but did you know it can actually save lives too? Alcohol has the remarkable ability to deactivate the proteins in both viruses and bacteria in a process called denaturation, which effectively kills them, removing any danger.   

2. Can I just douse my hands in pure alcohol, then? 

Ah, no. Best not. While splashing some booze on your hands would kills off some of those germs, pure alcohol is super drying for your hands. It’s also not totally effective on its own and benefits from being mixed with a little water, plus some emollients to protect the skin on your hands. 

3. Do expiry dates matter? 

While some products have a fairly endless shelf life – hand sanitiser ain’t one of them. Time and exposure to air destroys the most active ingredients. Stick to fresh bottles of hand santiser (such as the ones in our Hygiene Packs) and you’ll know you’re safe. 

4. Why can’t I just use home-made hand sanitiser? 

To be effective at killing germs and viruses, hand sanitiser needs to have a very high concentration of alcohol, which simply can’t be guaranteed with home-made versions. Plus, the DIY stuff is more likely to dry out your hands, which is dangerous because cracked or damaged hands are more vulnerable to picking up diseases. Stick to the professionally made stuff and give yourself peace of mind.

5. Does using hand sanitiser mean I don’t have to wash my hands?  

Another no. Think of hand santiser and hand washing as a double defense – both are super important. Thorough hand washing (remember the 20 second rule and use lots of soap) should be a regular part of your daily routine, but it’s obviously hard to do when you make your occasional trips outside to pick up groceries or run essential errands. This is when hand sanitiser becomes your savior, and the thing to use until you get home and can resume hand washing.  



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