How to choose the best face mask for travelling!

A Breathable Face Mask for Travel and Flights

With travel restrictions starting to ease up, everyone is excited to get back on planes after a long time! However, airlines will still require face masks to be worn at all times.

Face masks have an important role to play in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Your fellow passengers will thank you for wearing a TECMASK reusable face mask.

Here are some things you need to consider when choosing a face mask for traveling:

Comfortable, Even for Long Hours

A reusable face mask for travel should offer top comfort, even after hours and hours of wearing. A thoughtful design is critical, so pay close attention to the little elements of how a face mask has been put together. 

Rather than face masks with a one-size-fits-all approach, buy reusable face masks that offer a range of sizes, and pick the one that fits snugly on your face without being tight.

Other design elements to look out for include soft ear loops that won’t rub or push down on your ears.

No Exhalation Valves on Flights

Reusable face masks with exhalation air valves are an unsuitable option in pressurised air cabins. The reason behind this is that the valves filter what you breathe in, but not what you breathe out. These reusable face masks are designed for working environments where the wearer has to be protected from dust and toxins in the air. However, this isn’t the case if you are wearing a face mask to keep fellow passengers safe on a flight.

As a one-way exhalation valve, the water droplets in your breath are allowed to escape without filtering. In the recycled air of a pressurised airplane cabin, this increases the chances of the people on the flight from getting sick too.

It’s best to avoid packing these for a flight.

Pack More than One Face Mask 

Preparation can make the trip easier. If you are planning on a long trip, especially if there are multiple legs, pack more than one reusable face mask. When you replace your stale face mask after hours of use with a fresh one, you’ll be thankful you had the foresight to pack a clean spare.

TECMASK’s Reusable range is the best breathable face masks for your domestic and international travels.

"Oh my god these masks are amazing. Finally I have a mask that is easy to wear light, breathable, cool and don't hurt my ears" -  Beverley Baldwin


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