How to Travel like a Celebrity

Travel is one of those things that, let’s face it, some people do better than others. Fabulous famous people, we’re looking at you.

While most of us find the whole experience of airports and planes and taxis and bouncing around hotels to be downright exhausting – and are lucky to look or feel human by the end of it – celebrities seem to do it with absolute grace and ease.

Sure, having a personal assistant and access to private jets certainly does help. But they also have their travel routines down pat, and have worked out the secrets to seamless travel.

So today, we’re taking inspiration from the people who travel most and know how to do it in style with these smart tips from jet setting stars:

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Naomi Campbell has established herself as an unofficial authority on how to travel and still remain utterly chic, as well as super healthy. If you haven’t checked out her Youtube video about her airplane routine, you should watch it right now. Our favourite tip from her? She never (and we mean never) travels without a face mask to keep her healthy and bug free. We think she would love our stylish TECMASK range, and you can follow in Naomi’s footsteps by checking out the options in our online store.

On a similar note, stars including Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are lovers of vitamin C to help them stay healthy up in the air and they dose up on tablets pre- and post-flight. Vitamin C-rich face serums are also a great option to keep your skin plump and happy.

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The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, always remembers to pop a little bottle of tea tree oil in her bag when heading off on a trip and find it the best multi-purpose solution for a range of issues including bug bites, scratches and break outs.

The entire Kardashian/Jenner family seems to be everywhere at all times, which means they notch up some serious air miles each year. But with constant public appearances in their schedules, they can’t afford to miss a beat when it comes to travel. Kim loves to take a silk pillowcase and a cuddly blanket with her so she can get some quality sleep. Khloe takes hydration seriously and aims to drink an entire litre of water on every flight. And Kylie never leaves home without some dry shampoo in her bag, ready for a quick grooming session on the run.


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