Real Talk: Maddy sits down with MindfulBiz founder, Alison Morgan to discuss the challenges Entrepreneur's face

Challenges Faced In Taking On A Product With A Stigma Attached/Maddy speaks with Business Coach Alison Morgan/Podcast/relauncher and TECMASK 

Want to learn a little more about the people behind TECMASK and their experience in the face mask industry to date? Well do we have something special in stall for you!

Last week, Maddy was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Online Business Coach and founder of the MindfulBiz podcast, Alison Morgan, where she was able to express her passion for the TECMASK business and explain in detail why she began TECMASK in the first place.

The two like-minded women discuss international business start ups, our founders' decision to launch a business in an overseas market and the struggles Maddy has faced in marketing a product in a market that some may believe to have a stigma attached.

For those who previously thought face masks weren't for you, I can guarantee that after listening to this you will find our TECMASK products to be more relatable than you think ;)

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