Must haves for travelling during COVID times

With travelling restrictions easing up, many people are planning to travel domestically or internationally. While we are all excited to finally leave our homes and meet with family and friends, it is important to have these essentials to make your travelling experience as safe and comfortable as possible.


1. Comfortable Face Mask

Masks are mandatory on flights so having a good face mask is a must!

The quality of air cabin flow are usually effective in removing microbes from the air, however wearing a face mask is an extra layer of protection from any cabin flu going around!

Our Reusable Face Masks are breathable and super comfortable while still maintaining its protective qualities. They also come in a range of sizes and colours to help you look fashionable while staying safe.


2. Hand Sanitiser

It is important to keep your hands clean while travelling which is why hand sanitiser has become an essential when you are out and about. Our TECMASK hand sanitiser is lemon scented and pocket sized, perfect for your travels.

Please note that many hand sanitisers contain flammable liquids as the antiseptic, so before you travel we encourage you to familiarise yourself with restrictions on the quantity permitted to be carried onboard.


3. Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes


The hand sanitiser and tissue's best friend! Antibacterial wipes are super useful when travelling. We always recommend to disinfect the area where you rest your arms and the tray table in front of your seat on the plane.

The TECMASK Hygiene pack is a perfect companion while travelling.


4. Zip lock bags

These bags are not only perfect for protecting your documents or devices from getting wet while travelling but you can also use them to store your used face masks. If you are using reusable face masks which you will wash later, it is important to store them in a ziplock bag to keep it from touching other clean items in your bag.


5. Airline Check in Apps

Before departure, passengers have to complete a COVID-19 health acknowledgement. In order to limit face-to-face interactions for domestic flights we encourage you to check in with the airline's app. For international flights online check ins are currently unavailable.


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