Our quick guide to travelling like a pro!

Every regular traveller has their own routine for flying, honed over years of work trips and overseas holidays. They know exactly what to do before, during and after a flight to ensure maximum comfort and minimal jetlag. 

So, we’ve asked some of our favourite frequent flyers (and TECMASK fans) to share a few of their tops travel tips:

Catch plenty of zzzz’s

Having a successful travel experience starts long before you board – even the night before. Getting some shut-eye during a flight is always nice, if you can manage it. But get a head start by making sure you get a really good night’s sleep the night BEFORE you travel. It might be tempting to stay up late doing last minute packing or planning, but making sure you score plenty of pre-game beauty sleep is way more important.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Again, start pre-flight and drinks lots of water in the 24 hours leading up to your flight. Take a couple of big water bottles on board with you as well (you can pick them up after you go through security) and work your way through them during the flight. Say yes to any water or juice offered to you by flight attendants. Drink lots of filtered water to flush your system when you reach the other end. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it.

Get some cheap flip flops

Pick up a cheap pair of disposable slippers or flip flops from your local pharmacy or supermarket (or the free ones you get after a pedicure are perfect) and pop them into your hand luggage to wear when you want to go to the loo during the flight. They’re much easier than squeezing your shoes back on, or walking on the grubby floors with your bare feet or socks. And you can throw them out at the end of the trip!

Don’t be tempted by tasty treats

Most “indulgent” things on a plane, like alcohol and salty foods, should be avoided at all costs if you want to skip major puffiness and water retention. They may taste good in the moment, but they’re doing nothing for you in the long run and will just dehydrate you further. Stick to water and fresh fruit, and save the treats for after you land.

Don’t forget to pack your TECMASK

This goes without saying! The #1 way to stay healthy and safe on a flight is to be both protected and oh-so stylish in a gorgeous TECMASK. If you’re feeling generous, then you might want to pack a few, because your fellow passengers are definitely going to be jealous… 


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