Reusable Face Masks in the Post-COVID Era

Reusable Face Masks in the Post-COVID Era

Even with the pandemic waning, Tecmask Reusable Face Masks are here to stay. Grabbing a face mask along with the keys on your way out has quickly become the norm. Moving forwards, the use of face masks will become more prevalent among Australians in crowded places and public transport.

Awareness of the Self among Many

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s the important role that a culture of wearing face masks plays in keeping people safe. Australians now have a higher general awareness of the role of the individual in preventing the spread of infection across a population.

Following the lead of East and South-East Asian countries that were much more resilient to the first wave of the pandemic, Australia is picking up these cultural norms too.

This is a boon for people with conditions such as cancers or auto-immune diseases that weaken the immune system. This cohort of society has already lived with face masks and social distancing guidelines as the norm. So it’s a welcome change for them that the general public is now making it easier for them to avoid infections that could have devastating consequences.

The Normalisation of Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is only effective if many people adopt the practice, and this is why face masks are becoming more widespread. The narrative has changed from a lone hero to the power of collective responsibility.

Feeling under the weather? Pop on a reusable face mask. Many Australians’ perspectives have fundamentally shifted. When it comes to combating infectious diseases that can kill, it’s the culture of thinking of one’s impact on others that counts.

It has become more acceptable to take precautions. People are staying at home when sick, and putting on a reusable face mask if there’s a chance of finding oneself in a crowd. The normalisation of reusable face masks is largely driven by social pressure, so now that it’s here it’s likely to stay.

COVID-19 as a Seasonal Infection

Not only has COVID-19 changed public awareness of infectious diseases, but the disease itself might be here to stay. New COVID-19 variants evolving means it might become a seasonal infection to fight off, much like the flu has been for over a hundred years since the 1919 pandemic.

The overall effect is that the virus will continue to circulate through populations as a mild, seasonal illness, which is where reusable face masks come in, to continue protecting people as we adapt to COVID-19.

A Reusable Face Mask at the Ready

The tide is changing, from emphasising individualism to the societal benefits when people who are sick take steps to prevent their own disease transmission. To have your own reusable face masks on hand, browse the Tecmask range, Australia-made and bacteria-filtering.

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