TECMASK Presents… ‘Facing up to the flu season’ Health Talk

On Wednesday 27th March 2019, TECMASK hosted our very first Health Briefing titled ‘Facing up to the flu season’ at our shop in Double Bay.

The short seminar included talks from TECMASK founder, Maddy Scarf along with an informative health talk by Dr Jeffrey Post, Senior Physician, Industry Expert, Infectious Disease, Associate Professor UNSW and a friend of the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

As guests arrived we made sure we had on offer a light breakfast, full of yummy goodies that were not only delicious but were great in helping boost everyone’s immune system in light of the flu season to come! #winteriscoming

Maddy opened up the talk by welcoming all of our guests and providing a brief insight into how TECMASK began. She also told our guests about TECMASK’s experience in the Japan market and how the TECMASK founders were able to identify a need for our products in their home land, Australia.

Maddy explained ‘I’m not crazy. I am aware that the Japanese culture and the Australian culture are vastly different. And I am not sitting hear trying to convince you all that I believe every second person on the street will soon be seen wearing a surgical mask… Not yet, anyway. But our disposable face mask products are not designed to appeal to the masses. There are however, a number of niche markets where our products are a need to consumers’. Maddy gave examples of their customer demographics, including customers with anticipated travel plans, who hope to protect themselves from catching a cold or flu from the flight and customers who suffer from immunodeficiency issues due to circumstantial, environmental or hereditary factors. 

‘Our germ masks are designed to help encourage people in protecting their health. And given that face masks aren’t something that many Australians are open to wearing as of yet, when they cannot afford to get sick and/or have been instructed that its important they do wear a mask, at least they can feel better knowing that they can match our Blue Tartan TECMASK with a cute pair of blue jeans’, explains Scarf.

Following this, Dr Post presented a health talk discussing all things ‘Flu Season’. Being an industry expert in the area of infectious diseases, he was able to provide in depth insights into all of the recent facts and stats related to influenza and how it affects Australians. Along with figures to show how the ‘summer flu’ has affected Aussies so far.

Let’s just say this… after learning what I know now about the flu season, I am going to do everything and everything I can to avoid catching it this year! Ain’t no body got time for that!

If you want to hear more about this week’s event, feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page to find out more!!

Xoxo Lilia

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