The Science Behind TECMASK Reusable Face Masks

How effective are reusable masks?

Wearing Face Masks have become the norm for protecting your health and the health of others. However, not all masks offer the same degree of protection. 

W.H.O's recommendations:

- 3 fabric layers.

- Outer layer should repel droplets and moisture.

- Middle layer should act as a filter.

- Inner layer should absorb droplets from your exhaled breath.

TECMASK Reusable Face Masks have been specifically designed according to the World Health Organisation's recommendations for cloth masks.

They are made of 3 bonded layers. The outer layer is made out of recycled polyester and has moisture management qualities which means it will repel any droplets that come in contact with your mask.

The inner layer is made out of Carbon-Hi Tech Yarn that allows for heat regulation and is breathable.

For the filter layer TECMASK has used a "Folma-Shield" filtration which is anti-microbial and has anti-fungal qualities.

Our masks are rigorously tested and have a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of +80% tested to AS4381:2015. They are also tested by the Australian Government's National Measurement Institute (NMI).

They are one of the first of their kind on the Australian Reusable Face Mask Market.

How does the Folma Shield Filter work?

The Folma Shield filter uses "Spikes" that are positively charged, attracting the negatively charged molecular structure of the microorganism. The spikes pierce the cell wall and membrane, killing the organism.


TECMASK's Reusable Face Masks tick all the boxes as an effective and protective mask. Not only that, they are Australian Made with eco-friendly materials.

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  • Are your masks compatible for spectacle wearers?
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