Why a Disposable Mask is the Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Ariana Grande is doing it. Katy Perry has long been a fan. Young rappers Ayo & Teo are famous for it. Even fashion icon Naomi Campbell likes to do it when she travels.

So what’s the hot new trend that has the music and fashion world buzzing with excitement? 

Credit: DailyMail.co.uk

Face masks. Disposable surgical-style face masks, to be precise. This once purely functional item, formerly only worn by hospital staff or scientists, is now being openly embraced by the fashion-forward as a way to stay safe – and look stylish while doing it.

It’s been a slow burning trend that has now well and truly taken off, and many people have realised that staying healthy and stopping the spread of disease and germs is actually super cool. 

And if you think disposable face masks need to look like something you’d wear during an ebola break out, then you need to think again. These days, disposable masks are as stylish and colourful as any other fashion accessory, and come in a range of colours and patterns (such as the French pink and tartan, both featured in our gorgeous Tecmask range) so you can match them to your outfit or even your mood. 

Although it should definitely be noted that not all disposable face masks are created equal. Many fashion designers have tried their hand at doing their version of a face mask in recent years. While, from an aesthetic perspective, their masks might look great, they don’t necessarily protect you in any real way. For true protection you need a mask that includes a high tech filter, such as the PM2.5 filter used in all TECMASK travel germ mask to block viruses and germs you encounter on your journey.

Courtesy of Ayo & Teo

Also bear in mind that face mask chic isn’t just about keeping germs out – but also  keeping them in. Wearing one means you’re a responsible, healthy, socially conscious adult who knows how to stay healthy and protect those around you – and being stylish while you do it. In the same way that other anti-social behaviours (such as smoking in public spaces) have become totally unacceptable and out of fashion, sharing your germs with the world these days is decidedly uncool. 

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