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Sakura Pink (5pcs) - buy disposable face masks, flu masks, germ masks, dust masks TECMASK Australia
Sakura Pink (5pcs) - Model wearing personalised face masks Australia TECMASK
Size of Sakura Pink TECMASK disposable germ masks, travel masks, dust masks, surgical masks, Australia owned
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Sakura Pink (5pcs)

$12.99 AUD


Be ready to fight that pollen in style with our Sakura Pink disposable face mask. Inspired by the cherry blossom season, this cute surgical face mask will shield you from any harmful particles getting into your system. Keep healthy, be comfortable and dress to impress with TECMASK! All of our flu mask and germ masks are ideal for travelling, cleaning, managing smog, dust, pollution and germs.

※Recommended size for Adults = L Size

  • High performance N95 filter that blocks PM2.5 / Pollen / Viruses
  • Three distinct layers to enhance protection
  • Cutting edge Silk Touch inner layer
  • Uses sensitive skin-friendly fabrics
  • The quad fold design provides 15% more breathing volume than the tri-fold design products by competitors and ensures maximum coverage
  • Twin bar nose guard is designed to shape around you nose to create extra respiratory protection and reduce fogginess in your glasses during use
  • Stays comfortable after a long wear and won't smudge makeup.
  • The hygienic seal and individual safety bag ensures your mask is protected from contact until its first touch is you.

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