About Us

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TECMASK is an 100% Australian owned business and a leading provider of stylish reusable face masks whose drive is to “change the perception of a germ mask from a commodity to a fashion accessory”


2012 - About the founders

The concept of TECMASK (Total-Environment-Care MASK) was created by an Australian father-daughter duo, David and Maddy Scarf, whilst travelling in Japan.   Upon arriving in Tokyo, they both felt themselves coming down with a nasty flu post flight. In light of this, they could understand and appreciate the use of flu masks in the Japanese culture and so TECMASK was born.   

Combining Mr. Scarf’s 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and his daughter’s love for travel and marketing, TECMASK eventuated with a range of products incorporating stylish face mask designs with high efficiency filters.

2015 - The Beginnings

The TECMASK brand launched in Japan and quickly captured the attention of a number of world-renowned influential brands including Vogue Japan, Elle Online, WWD Japan and LARME Magazine.  

2018 - TECMASK Enters Australia

Whilst the brand name continued to grow in Japan, the TECMASK team began to notice that there was an emerging need for their surgical mask products in their home market, more specifically in the areas of both travel and health/immunity. This led to Australia's first ever face mask shop located in Sydney.

2020 - Introducing Reusable Face Masks

In 2020, the TECMASK team decided to go for a more environmentally friendly approach by introducing a Reusable Face Mask range. Not only does wearing a reusable face mask help in reducing waste but they are also as efficient as disposable face masks.

This new product has allowed to bring manufacturing back home, with them being fully Australian made out of eco-friendly materials.

Our Reusable Face Masks also extended to businesses, with premium customisable branding and logo designs printed on the face masks for whole teams to wear.




Our Vision

The TECMASK team is continually striving to educate the world about the importance of taking control of your health and we aim to ensure that you look fashionable whilst doing so! We hope that our reusable face masks will be seen as more than a style statement, and will be carried everywhere to help prevent the spread of germs.