Aeroplane Travel Kits

Turn to TECMASK for Quality Aeroplane Travel Kits

When you need to travel by plane, it’s imperative that you bring with you one of our aeroplane travel kits to ensure that you have all the necessities you need while on your journey. TECMASK is the proud distributor of quality travel kits that help to reduce your exposure to germs.

What You Can Expect from TECMASK Regarding a Travel Personal Care Kit

We strive to be your first call when you need a travel convenience kit. Along with our quality travel masks, here are a few things that come in our travel kits:

  • Silk eye mask: Regardless of whether you are travelling by train or plane, if you want to take a nap during your travels it may be difficult since you don’t have the flexibility to turn off the lights and relax. Our silk eye mask allows you to close your eyes and block out the brightness. Don’t forget, our kit also comes with earplugs so you can rest in peace.
  • Toothbrush and paste: If you’re on a delayed flight and you need to rush right to a conference, you may not have time to unpack your belongings to find specific hygiene provisions. Our travel kit comes with a toothbrush and paste to ensure that your teeth shine as you smile during your meeting.
  • Dry shampoo: We realise that sometimes your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to take a shower which is why we include dry shampoo in every travel kit. Dry shampoo lets you style and cleanse your hair without water.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Travel Face Masks

Did you know that there are specific ways in which you can get more out of your investment in a travel mask? Be sure to remember these helpful tips:

  • Wash your hands: Before you touch a travel mask, remember to wash your hands. This habit rinses away any germs that are on your hands that you could transfer to the mask. Keep in mind that although it’s a good rule of thumb to use hand sanitiser, nothing beats scrubbing your hands with soap and water.
  • Be conscious of the size: Our travel masks come in two different sizes. The medium size masks are 14.5cm by 9.0cm while the larger ones are 17.5cm by 9.0cm. Your mask must fit snuggly around your nose and mouth. If you have any questions regarding which size mask would be right for you, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance.
  • Keep the masks in a safe location: It’s vital that you keep your mask in a safe area to reduce the risk of it tearing. If you plan to pack your masks in your luggage, be sure place them in an outside pocket, so your other accessories do not ruin them.


With years of experience in the industry, the TECMASK team enjoys providing our customers with a wide range of masks and personal travel essentials. Our team is always available to discuss your order to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you have questions about our kits? Send us a message.