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Compact Hygiene Kit

Purchase a Compact Hygiene Kit Through TECMASK

A compact hygiene kit is an excellent accessory to have, especially when you travel. TECMASK provides our clients with a variety of hygiene kits that contain a variety of cleanliness essentials.

Why Trust TECMASK Regarding a Day to Day Hygiene Kit

We strive to be your first choice when you need a personal hygiene kit for school. There are numerous reasons why our customers consider us trustworthy, including: 

  • International shipping: We proudly ship our masks and kits all over the world. We begin to work on filling your order immediately and aim to ship your items as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding where we are in the process of filling your order, please reach out to our customer service team.
  • Encourage relaxation: Did you know that our hygiene kit also includes a packet of tea? We understand that travelling can be stressful, which is why we try to provide you with a way to take a deep breath and calm down amid your busy day.
  • Reusable case: Once you use the products in your hygiene kit, you can reuse the case for something else. Feel free to refill the case with more masks or add other travel necessities.

Key Questions to Ask TECMASK Regarding a Personal Hygiene Pack

If you have never purchased a hygiene pack before, you may have some questions about our selection. Here are some common questions:
  • How many masks come in a packet? Each kit comes with one pocket size mask. You have the flexibility to select between a large size mask or a medium one. If you have questions regarding our mask size, a member of our team can always assist you.
  • Do packets come in different colours? Our packages come in a mix of colours to suit your unique style. Be sure to look through our entire selection.
  • How many times can I wear the mask that comes in the pack? We recommend that you do not wear your mask any longer than eight consecutive hours or two to three times throughout the day. Keep in mind that if you are sick, you should throw your mask away immediately after you use it.

Related Services We Provide to Hygiene Masks

Although we carry a great selection of hygiene face masks, we also supply our customers with a variety of essential hygiene items. A few examples include:
  • Face masks: Using face masks when you travel is an excellent way to shield yourself from germs and also to prevent any sickness you have from spreading. The mask should fit snuggly around your mouth and nose to reduce the risk of germ exposure.
  • Helpful information: Are you curious about the statistics associated with the flu? Do you find yourself wondering about the statistics related to the spread of germs on an aeroplane? Our team have compiled helpful information that can help you understand the necessity of face masks.
  • Pre-order option: Although we always try to have hygiene masks in our inventory, we realise that there may be occasions when a particular product becomes sold out. If this happens, we provide our clients with a pre-order option so that you will be the first to receive it when it comes back in stock.


At TECMASK, we take your concerns regarding personal hygiene seriously. We pride ourselves on supplying you with items that add an extra layer of protection against illness. Our trained team is available to address any questions you have about our inventory.
Send us a message if you have any questions about one of our products.