Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Masks to Retain Personal Hygiene and Prevent Transmission

Face masks are an essential method to protect yourself from harmful germs while on the go, so use our PM2.5 filter custom face masks that ward off bacteria and stop harmful particles while still looking stylish. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will not get sick somehow, so always maintain personal cleanliness by washing your hands thoroughly. We also sell hygiene packs that contain a disposable mask, natural wipes, soothing tea, mini toothbrush, toothpaste, and more. Each hygiene pack comes with a unique, colourful and snazzy disposable facemask.

Little Known Facts About Flu Mask Fashion

Facemasks usually come in a bland white colour that offers practicality and no fashion sense. Because facemasks are so bland, we have created a product that is an effective designer facemask. Here are some little known facts about our beautiful flu masks:

  • History. According to Wikipedia, the first usage of a flu mask was in 1897, but it became common in Japan when the Spanish flu killed millions around the world. After Asia was affected by SARS and other viruses, the flu mask became a mainstay of culture in most Asian countries. Because of its common usage in Japan, we launched our brand in 2015 to create beautiful and luxurious fashion-focused masks for the Japanese public. We have since opened up a permanent store in Australia due to popular demand.
  • Fashion. Our TECMASKS have become a fashionable accessory while maintaining long term hygiene, but remember that personal hygiene is a commitment, so wash your hands often. We have garnered the attention of Vogue Japan, Elle Online, WWD Japan, and Larme Magazine, because of our brand's unique designs.
  • Luxury style. With our beautiful and stylish mask designs, you can be confident that even while sick, you look fantastic! Choose from our collections, including but not limited to the black-, floral-, and winter collection. Each assortment offers unique patterns and colours to add to any trendy outfit.

If you need a PM2.5 face mask that is hygienic and sleek, look no further than our disposable face masks.

Tips Regarding Designer Face Masks

Face masks have undeniable practicality, because of their protection from harmful particulates, but since our range is a fashion statement, here are some tips for being graceful and stunning while using our masks:
  • Patterns and colours. If you are looking for a simple coloured mask to accentuate classical professional dress wear, choose a pack from our black collection. They provide a simple dichotomy between black and white and are appropriate for a professional environment and when you are out in public. If you’re looking for something a lot more colourful and vibrant, pick from our floral or French collection, and get a beautiful pink or orange autumn coloured disposable mask.
  • Eyes. Because facemasks cover half the face, they can complement the eyes of wearers. Once you put on a mask, your eyes become the focal point of anyone who looks at you. If you want to make your eyes pop, get a facemask with a colour that contrasts with your eyes. It will make them stand out.
  • Usage. Wash your hands before opening the package. Then remove the mask and check if the nose bar is at the top. Next, place it on your face and loop the ear loops behind your ears. After that, pull the mask down and cover your chin, and go about your day knowing that you look fantastic and are safe.

Why Trust TECMASK Regarding Fashion Face Mask

TECMASK stands for Total-Environment-Care Mask. Our disposable masks are a high-quality filter to keep flu and harmful particles at bay. They are best utilised when you are on the move because you are likely to catch the flu when coming into contact with more people.

Contact us and upgrade your style and hygiene with first-rate, elegant disposable face masks.