Custom Surgical Mask

Get Your Fashionable and Protective Custom Surgical Mask from Us

While facial masks have become a necessity in the time in which we live, why not use a custom surgical mask, which you can match with your outfit? The TECMASK team took ordinary white surgical masks and created a range of masks with colourful designs, with the same protection, which people will love to wear. Visit our online catalogue to find the masks that will go with your favourite outfits. 

Key Questions to Ask TECMASK About Designer Surgical Masks

Customers ask us many questions about our surgical masks, which we answer gladly and confidently.
  • Should we continue to wear surgical masks, even when the COVID-19 virus is under control? Indeed you should. A mask might not prevent you from getting the flu, but it will help to reduce the spreading of germs.
  • Why do you suggest we use your surgical masks? Our masks not only prevent the spreading of germs, but it protects your mouth and nose against dust when cleaning, and you can wear it to prevent you from inhaling toxic fumes. And it is so fashionable, why would anyone not want to wear it?
  • Do your designer masks offer sufficient protection against germs? A TECMASK has a highly efficient, tested and certified filter, which wards off almost every particle that is smaller than 2.5 microns.

If there’s something else you would want to know, contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify or explain.

Can You Customise Your Order for a Blue Surgical Mask?

Our surgical masks are available to order in various beautiful colours, patterns and sizes, for your enjoyment and protection. You’re probably wondering why someone would think of any other mask than a plain white surgical mask.

  • Whether you want a pink surgical mask to go with your work uniform, or a purple surgical mask to wear with your jeans and T-shirts – the choice is yours. Why not get a few to match more than one outfit?
  • Have you seen our compact hygiene packs on our website? Order yours today to keep yourself and your family safe. A hygiene pack includes a TECMASK disposable mask, hand sanitiser, wipes, tissues and more. We can also personalise packs for your employees or family members.
  • No matter what colours you prefer, all our masks block irritants before it enters your nose and throat.


Our Australian-owned business was born when a fashion guru father and his daughter with a love for marketing were on an aeroplane to Japan, and felt ill after the flight. They knew exactly why so many people were wearing masks, but thought of something more personal and enjoyable.

Their TECMASK (Total Environment Care Mask) brand soon became a top-seller in Japan, as people realised that everyone should wear masks wherever they go, to prevent germs from spreading, now and in the future.

Get into the healthy habit of carrying a TECMASK with you wherever you go, to ensure that you stay safe and healthy. Contact us from Mondays to Fridays via phone or email.