Disposable Face Mask

Use Our Disposable Face Mask Wherever You Go, for Every Reason

The safest way that we can leave our homes is by wearing a disposable face mask and carrying hand sanitiser everywhere we go. We want to stay clean and healthy and protect not only our families and ourselves, but everyone around us. During flu season, we should perform basic everyday hygiene, and take special care of where we go, what we touch and with whom we have contact.

Tips Regarding a Disposable Dust Mask

A disposable dust mask must offer sufficient protection, allow easy breathing and be comfortable. Our masks with four folds offer the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Make sure that your mask fits properly. If you need some tips on how to use our disposable dust mask, visit our website for a step-by-step guide.
  • Replace your mask every day to prevent respiratory illness, therefore make sure that you have enough masks before you start working.
  • Use your dust mask when you’re cleaning, doing woodwork or working with harmful chemicals.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Pink Dust Mask

Make sure that you get your dust mask in your favourite colour, to wear with your favourite outfit. If you’re going to wear it regularly, wear it with confidence and love it at the same time.

  • If you’ve always liked pink, we have a pink dust mask for you. Have one with roses, snowflakes or a tartan pattern.
  • Apart from preventing dust to enter your nose and mouth, use our dust mask for protecting yourself against germs you travel, and someone close to you sneezes or coughs.
  • Never share your dust mask with anyone. When you’re done using it, dispose of it safely. We also have hygiene packs available, which contain the germ-fighting necessities you might need, in a convenient travel size. It can also be personalised and gifted.

Signs You Should Invest in a Blue Dust Mask

Whether you prefer a blue dust mask or a black dust mask, always ensure that you have one at hand for yourself and one for another person that might need it.

  • Our dust masks are of high quality and are very efficient in preventing the spreading of germs, with tested and certified filters.
  • Beauticians wear masks to protect themselves and their customers, and also to look great while being professional. A TECMASK does an excellent job at that.
  • When going for a spray tan, or having a manicure done, a mask is necessary to protect you and the therapist from inhaling the spray or chemical fumes, which are harmful to your lungs and general health

Why Trust TECMASK Regarding a Dust Facemask

Our business started in Japan in 2015 and entered the Australian market in 2018. At TECMASK our stylish and fashionable masks are more a commodity turned into a fashion accessory. Our team was inspired to design a multi-purpose protective face mask that will provide the necessary protection against germs, dust or harmful fumes. We made it fun to wear with different designs for different careers, people and moods, and a comfortable fit. Our masks are especially popular with airport customers.

Even with more than 300 stockists in Australia and New Zealand, don’t take our word for it – visit our website to see our customer reviews. Order your must-have, nice-to-have TECMASK online or call us from Mondays to Fridays.