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Where are TECMASK's disposable face masks made?
TECMASK's germ mask products are made in China and are regularly monitored by our highly skilled quality control team to ensure that each and every product meet the specified guidelines as set by our Australian team.

What type of filter is in the mask?
Our germ masks use a PM2.5 filter that blocks >99% of BFE and PFE particles. It is the highest-grade filter found in a disposable face mask and is consistent with the same filter used in N95 masks. Our filters have been tested and approved by the Nelson Laboratories in the USA.

How many layers is the face mask made up of?
The flu masks are made up of 3 layers:
· Silky soft inner layer
· PM2.5 filter
· Non-woven polypropylene outer layer

How many ply do our TECMASK products have?
All TECMASK disposable face masks are designed as 4 ply masks (meaning there are 4 folds on the face mask). This is to ensure that all users can enjoy maximum coverage when wearing our products, so they are fully protected in style.

What is the inner layer made of?
The inner layer is made up of a silky soft non-woven polypropylene fabric that is designed for sensitive skin.

How many designs do you have?
Our TECMASK germ masks are currently available in 28 designs across 2 sizes.

Do the disposable face masks come in different sizes?
Yes, our germ masks come in a medium and large size. The dimensions are as follows:
· L Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm
· M Size: 14.5 x 9.5cm

What size would you recommend for adults?
Our L Size disposable face masks are quite popular amongst adults however this is very much up to the users personal preference.

How many masks come in a pack?
5 germ masks per pack. You can also purchase individual disposable face masks when you visit our shop front in Double Bay.

How long can I wear the masks for?
Due to the high quality filtration that is used in all of our face mask products, TECMASK germ masks are designed to protect you for much longer than the average disposable face mask. If the user is wearing the mask to protect themselves from other people or environmental factors, then the same germ mask can be worn for up to 8 hours consecutively or 2-3 times across the course of the day. However, if the user is sick themselves and is wearing our products to protect other people from their illness, then we would suggest disposing of the product immediately after use.

How often do you come out with new designs?
The disposable face mask designs that we are showcasing at the moment are our standard designs. However, we generally introduce 2-4 designs a year depending on the season. We have also collaborated with models/artists in the past where we release limited edition designs for a limited period.