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Germ Mask

Defend Yourself in Style With a Fashionable Germ Mask

Keep clear of germs by using a PM2.5 filter germ mask that is effective and fashionable. We understand that while you travel and live your best life, there is a chance that you could get sick. A flu mask is an effective method to mitigate the potential transmission of viruses and germs. Unfortunately, it is not a guaranteed solution, so make sure to practice responsible hygiene. If you are always on the go use our travel packs to maintain personal health.

Tips Regarding Safe Face Masks

Regardless of the type of face mask you’re using, there are some simple methods you should use to keep yourself hygienic and safe from viruses and germs. Here are some tips to stay safe with our safe face masks:

  • Hygiene. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has affected communities all over the world, and TECMASK wants to mitigate the harm that this virus does. The World Health Organisation recommends that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap, cough into your elbows if you are sick, and socially distance yourself from others to prevent the virus from spreading.
  • Keep yourself up to date on information. In this ever-changing information age, the information overload is considerable, so we recommend that you pay attention to what the health professionals are saying about personal hygiene. The World Health Organisation is the resource you should use if you need information about the Coronavirus.
  • Finally, your choice of mask: Choose a designer mask for its effectiveness first then for its design. For example, blue is a light-hearted colour that complements most styles and colours. If you’re using our product, you can choose a mask based on its colour and pattern and because it is an effective product.

What We Include in Flu Mask Protection

Getting a quality mask is essential because you want to know that you are shielded. Here are the specifications of our masks and some of the products we have:

  • Specifications. Our masks stop PM 2.5 sized particles which are dangerous in terms of pollution and viruses such as SARS. They have an efficacy of 99% BFE (bacterial filtration efficacy) and PFE (particle filtration efficiency).
  • Pollution. Pollution has become a problem all over the world. As cities industrialise and factories expand their activities, it becomes harder to breathe on our planet. Toxic fumes have been linked to exacerbating lung and heart problems. Shield yourself from the effects of pollution by using a sleek and trendy pollution mask.
  • Packs. When you are on the move, it is more likely that you will get sick; for this reason, we have created travel and hygiene packs to give you the ability to protect yourself. They contain a selection of useful and hygiene oriented products.

In this smog-heavy day and age you must look after your health, so if you live in a city, use a pollution mask to prevent pollution from affecting you.

Why You Should Buy From TECMASK

You should buy from us to safeguard yourself from germs and look snazzy while doing it. Our range includes a beautiful flu mask solution, so don’t hesitate to get yourself a beautiful and shielding face mask.

Contact us and get a beautifully designed flu mask to insulate yourself from germs.