How To Wear A Face Mask

Covid-19 has significantly changed the way we have been taking control of our health, these changes in behaviour will protect us against future colds and flu. Fortunately, there’s ways to stay safe from viruses by taking some simple precautions that include physical distancing, washing our hands often, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. A fabric mask can also help protect others around you by limiting the spread of germs. 

Who should wear a face mask?

There are different rules for different states in Australia. In states such as New South Wales and Victoria, it has been mandatory to wear a face mask in some indoor settings, travelling on public transport and it is still mandatory on domestic flights to and from the location. In other states of Australia, such as Queensland and South Australia, it is strongly encouraged to wear a mask when you cannot safely keep a safe and social distance from others.

However, in some cultures around the world, wearing a mask has been the norm when you are feeling unwell but expect to be around other people. At TECMASK, it is our vision to make wearing reusable face masks an instinctive reaction when you are experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms.

How to correctly wear a face mask

Here’s how to wear our non-medical face masks safely and correctly.

  • Wash your hands or sanitise them before putting the mask on
  • Hold the mask by the ear loops. Place a loop around each ear.
  • Cover your mouth and nostrils with the mask, and secure it under your chin. The mask should fit snugly on your face without pressure.
  • Make sure you can breathe easily.
  • If your mask gets wet or dirty, take it off and wash it, and put on a new one. 

How to take your face mask off properly


  • Only handle the mask by its ear loops. Take it off slowly.
  • Fold the outside corners together to bring in the side that’s been against your face
  • Place your mask in the washing machine, or hand wash
  • Clean and wash your hands immediately, and don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth until your hands are dry

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