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Steps: How to wear a TECMASK

  1. Wash your hands. Make sure  to wash your hands thoroughly with both soap and water before touching a clean TECMASK
  1. Remove Mask from OPP packaging. Our TECMASK products are provided in individual OPP bags to ensure our products are kept fresh and are not contaminated by unwanted particles before our customers first touch. Be sure to remove the OPP bag before mask use.
  1. Make sure the nose bar is found at the top of the mask. In order for the mask to fit properly on ones face, we have included a long metal nose bar designed to moulded around your nose. Make sure the nose bar is located at the top of the mask to ensure optimal fit
  1. Place mask on face. Hold mask against your face, pinching the nose bar around your nose so that it moulds perfectly
  1. Place earloops behind each ear. Our earloops are designed to be softer and wider in order to reduce pressure on your ears whilst wearing a TECMASK
  1. Pull bottom of the mask down to cover the bottom of your chin. This step is important as it ensures ultimate coverage to reduce exposure to any harmful airborne particles.