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Stay healthy and fight off unwanted germs - with the new Hygiene Pack from TECMASK and Cloud Nine Global. 


Hygiene has NEVER been more important than it is right now. And we all want to keep ourselves and our families clean, healthy and safe – now and in the future.

The experts have been clear: the absolute best way to do this is by engaging in practices that help us to stop picking up and spreading germs in our day-to-day lives.

With a focus on premium brands, this carefully curated pack includes a TECMASK disposable face mask, hand sanitiser, cleansing wipes, tissues and more.


TECMASK Disposable Hygiene Mask

 Gone are the days of stark plain white and clinical looking face masks. Our PM2.5 face masks are not only stylish and fashionable but include a high-efficiency filter that blocks >99% of BFE and PFE particles. 

Wotnot Wipes

You will love these amazing wipes from Aussie brand Wotnot. Enriched with natural vitamin E and Australian certified organic aloe vera, these wipes are super effective and gentle on the skin. Better still, these wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Hand Sanitiser

A ‘must have’ product to keep your hands clean and germ free when you don't have access to soap and water, which the experts agree! It’s a genuine must-have these days and all it takes is a drop or two to be totally protected. 


Staying hydrated is a crucial part of staying healthy, and Hydralyte is your partner in getting the job done fast. Whether you’ve been exercising, travelling long haul or over-indulged the night before - this sachet of electrolyte goodness is just what you need. Just tear it open, add it to your water, mix to dissolve and drink. 

Travel Size Tissues

There’s nothing worse than sneezing or getting the sniffles and not having a tissue on hand. Now you don't have to worry, because with travel size tissues in every pack, you will have access to tissues on the go and within arms reach.

Tea Tonic Tea Bag

Nothing is more soothing than a really good cup of tea, especially when it’s made from a Tea Tonic tea bag, that is biodegradable, unbleached and environmentally- friendly. Tea Tonic Tea is Australian made, owned and certified organic.

Travel Size Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Nothing makes you feel fresh and clean faster than a good brush of your teeth - and this handy travel sized dental kit from Colgate, a brand you can trust, is the perfect addition to your hygiene kit.

Clear Reusable Case

This transparent case is ideal for travelling as you can see what's inside and will meet security requirements at the airport. It is compact enough to fit in your handbag, travel bag or seat pocket; but still have room for you to personalise with your other daily necessities.

TECMASK Branded Pen

A classic click, ball point, black pen is always an essential. It’s perfect for when you need to sign something but are offered a pen that's probably been touched 1000 times already. No need to worry, simply unzip your Hygiene Pack, grab your clean, personal TECMASK pen and sign away.

TECMASK x Cloud Nine Global Collaboration

TECMASK has built a reputation for being experts in health and hygiene as the creators of high quality disposable face masks that are not just incredibly effective but also fun and fashionable.

Cloud Nine Global has gained a loyal following by curating luxury amenity packs that are full of essentials, perfect to keep on you daily, or take on your travel adventures. The Hygiene Pack is highly practical and well designed, brought to you with the joint expertise of both TECMASK and Cloud Nine Global.

The pack has been carefully designed to be easy to use. Totally transportable, it easily fits in your handbag, briefcase or travel bag; and most importantly, is full of the products you need and want to keep germs at bay. Plus, there's room to personalise the pack, by adding in your own favourite items, such as your lipstick, hair brush, and your favourite name a few. 



Please Note: We fill our packs with the absolute best possible products available to us any one time. But availabilities change and the exact products in our packs are also subject to change. Please contact us prior to purchase if you would like more details on product availability or our current inclusions.