Surgical Disposable Face Mask

Our Surgical Disposable Face Mask Can Shield You from Invisible Danger

Our professional TECMASK team believe that our surgical disposable face mask should bring you protection and style. Just because you opt to shield yourself from germs doesn’t mean you can’t do it with our quality designer surgical masks.

What Sets TECMASK Apart Regarding Surgical Masks for Wholesale

The two predominant features that you will enjoy the most about our masks are that they are practical and pretty.

  • Our surgical masks for flu protection have a high-quality PM2.5 filter. These filters offer much better protection against airborne viruses than most of our counterparts on the market. When you wear our masks, you can be confident that your health is truly better protected. We don’t deliver any false sense of security.
  • TECMASK puts much effort into stepping away from the clinical appearance of masks in general. Our designers try to bring you several design options to suit your personality. You can still reflect your personality and be safe.
  • Wearing disposable masks are only one part of a comprehensive protection plan. We deliver a complete package to you. Not only will your airways be much safer, but our hygiene packs also include hand sanitisers, multi-purpose wipes and more. This package even takes care of your dental health with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Recent history taught how vital personal hygiene is to maintain your health as well as that of your loved ones. Our team makes the process easy and appealing.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Surgical Disposable Masks

We need to emphasise that you are much better protected against airborne viruses and other dust particles when wearing a mask. Yet, it still can’t guarantee that you won’t fall ill at all.

  • Your best protection comes from finding a good quality mask. There are various options available at different price ranges, but they are not all of the same quality. Our masks have an efficient PM 2.5 filter.
  • You need to replace your mask regularly, especially when you are in a high-risk environment.
  • You need to sanitise your hands before taking the mask out of its sterilised packaging and placing it on your face. If your hands aren’t clean, you could contaminate it before putting it on. It is also important to remember to wash your hands once again after removing and disposing of it.

The effectiveness of surgical masks for pollution or flu is also linked to whether you use them correctly according to health guidelines.

What You Stand to Gain If You Use TECMASK

Since 2015, many have enjoyed the benefits that our quality masks bring them.

  • Research shows that the PM2.5 filter that we use in our masks blocks out >99% of PFE and BFE particulars in the air we breathe. It gives you the confidence of a high level of protection.
  • Our masks have four folds to make sure that you get all the coverage you need when wearing it.
  • The soft polypropylene fabric of the inner layer is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. The outer layer of our surgical masks is a designer’s canvas. Here we feature a variety of designs for a fashionable appearance.

Our masks are also available in two different size options to deliver snug protection of your respiratory system.


TECMASK has been a trusted name in germ protection since 2015 in Japan. Since then we also moved to Australia in 2018. Our story is one of passion for providing quality care for your health. You too can enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive approach to hygiene during flu season or while travelling.

Order your hygiene solutions today and invest in your health.