When to wear a TECMASK?

when to wear a disposable mouth mask germ mask

When to wear your TECMASK (trust us, the opportunities are endless!) 

The more you wear your TECMASK, the more you’ll find fantastic opportunities to slip on your favourite design and breathe so much better. You’ll be amazed at how many different reasons you’ll find to pull on a TECMASK – and soon wonder how you ever did without it.

Here are some of our favourite times to mask up:

When you’re on your way somewhere

We’ve waxed lyrical about the benefits of wearing your TECMASK when travelling on a plane (and if you want to know more about why it’s your #1 essential next time you fly, read this article). But it’s not only when flying that you should have a TECMASK on hand. The confined environments of long train or bus journeys are just as dangerous when it comes to passengers sharing their germs.

When you’re spring cleaning

After the winter has passed, sometimes there’s nothing nicer than giving your home a really deep clean. Flushing out all the dirt and dust feels great when it’s finished – but the process can be a nightmare, especially if you suffer from allergies. But pull on a TECMASK and enjoy an altogether fresher experience.

When you’re getting your nails done

It’s not unusual to see staff at nail salons wearing a face masks while they work to protect them from the fumes and chemicals found in many nail products. So why shouldn’t you protect yourself too? Your TECMASK will dramatically minimize the nasties you’ll inhale, which is surely a reason for celebration.

When you’re visiting a hospital

Hospitals are renowned for being petri dishes of germs and disease – so why would you enter one without protection? Next time you go to visit a friend who’s just had a baby or an ill family member, pull on a TECMASK before entering the hospital and breathe a little easier knowing you’ve put up a barrier to disease.

When you’re at the doctor’s

The same goes for when you visit your doctor’s surgery. Being surrounded by sick people is surely going to increase your chances of picking something up, so use a TECMASK as your first line of defense. If you’re the sick one, it’s also a really decent way to avoid spreading your illness.

When you’re exploring a big city

The high levels of pollution in cities such as Beijing, London and Paris have been well documented, and locals are often seen getting around wearing face masks. Follow their lead and pop on your TECMASK before spending time outdoors in any of these cities, and prevent inevitable health issues down the track.


DISCLAIMER : TECMASK reusable cloth masks and disposable face masks are intended to be used by the general public when social distancing is not possible. Our face masks are not intended for use in a clinical setting and are classified as non - medical masks. This mask is designed to be used by the public when social distancing is difficult or for general activity.