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Tartan Purple Disposable Face Mask Australia

Tartan Purple Disposable Face Masks

$19.99 AUD

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We’ve incorporated some of the best materials to ensure that you are fully protected by our superior filtration. This cute flu mask is ultra-comfortable, perfect for any time of day and is sure to accentuate any outfit.

The Layers - Three distinct layers to enhance protection 

1. Silky Soft Touch Inner Layer - Mask is designed using skin friendly fabrics.

2. PM 2.5 Filter - High performance filter that blocks PM2.5 particles.

3.  Stylishly designed outer layer made out of water resistant non-woven polypropylene. 

The quad fold design provides 15% more breathing volume than the tri-fold design products by competitors and ensures maximum coverage.

Twin bar nose guard is designed to shape around your nose to create extra respiratory protection and reduce fogginess in your glasses during use.

The hygienic seal and individual safety bag ensures your mask is protected from contact until its first touch is you.

Stays comfortable after a long wear and won't smudge makeup.

Certified by Nelsons Lab

Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm

PLEASE NOTE: These masks should not be worn by anyone with breathing or respiratory conditions, or those unable to remove the mask without assistance. These masks are not medical grade masks and are not suitable for clinical purposes. This product will not solely protect you from viruses or bacteria and should be coupled with regular hygiene practices such as washing your hands.

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