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What is PM2.5?

PM2.5 particles are so small in size that they can only be detected with an electron microscope. They are even smaller than what’s classified as ‘finer particles’, which has been illustrated in the image below:

These fine particles can come from a range of different sources including power plants, motor vehicles, airplanes, fires and dust storms, among others. Since they are so small and light, fine particles tend to stay longer in the air than heavier particles, which increase the chances of people inhaling them. This also means these small particles can bypass the nose and throat with ease, penetrating deep into the lungs and entering the circulatory system. Over the years, a number of studies have found a close link between exposure to fine particles and premature death from both heart and lung disease. Fine particles are also known to trigger or worsen chronic disease such as asthma, heart attack, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

One of the most health-hazardous pollutant in our air (responsible for more premature deaths than any other pollutant) is PM2.5 pollution – fine particles less than 2.5 millionth of a meter that penetrate the deepest recesses of our lungs, where they can enter the bloodstream and transport toxins to every organ of the body, including the brain. According to the Australian Government’s 2016 State of the Environment (SoE) report, PM2.5 can result in decreased lung function, increased respiratory symptoms, increased chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, increased cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disease, and increased mortality. Associated with these health outcomes, research has identified a strong link between the levels of PM2.5 and life expectancy.

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