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Why Choose TECMASK

We all want to look our best and look after ourselves, inside and out. Catching flights to holiday destinations and enjoying luxury beauty treatments are some of life’s great pleasures. But these days we’re also becoming more conscious of how our environment impacts our health.

With more and more research warning us about exposure to irritants in a number of environments including airplane travel and the beauty industry, personal protection is becoming more important. While we can’t always change out environment, we can reduce our exposure.

The good news is there’s no need to give up your favourite beauty treatments, worry about the chances of catching a cold or flu on a long flight, or change the way you work day-to-day. It’s easy to protect yourself from airborne pollutants and irritants, with TECMASK.

TECMASK facial masks are comfortable, breathable and protect you from pollutants without cramping your style. Gone are the days when face masks were stark, clinical or uncomfortable. Now you can enjoy medical grade protection, with a high end look and premium, luxury fit.

TECMASK offers a range of benefits including:

  • Protection. Using TECMASK puts your health first. Our high-efficiency filter has been certified by the Nelsons Laboratory in USA as a PM2.5 filter, proven to block >99% of Particulate Filter Efficiency (PFE) and Bacterial Filtration efficiency (BFE) particles, protecting you from the severe effects of air pollution including pollen, viruses, PM 2.5 particulate matter, smoke, dust, germs, and other airborne pollutants.
  • Keeping you in style. Enjoy all the benefits of mask protection, without ruining your look. Our range of 28 fashionable styles and patterns, and premium design, means you can match your mask to your outfit or mood, and coordinated for all occasions.
  • All-day comfort. With its silky inner layer and twin bar nose guard, TECMASK contours to your face like a second skin. Whisper light and soft, TECMASK gives you absolute protection AND comfort throughout the day, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.
  • Medical-grade quality. TEC stands for Total Environment Care. Designed to exceed the most stringent technical standards, TECMASK provides medical grade protection and performs and lasts longer than standard face masks.
  • Peace of mind. TECMASK takes care of harmful pollutants and irritants so you don’t have to worry. Take control of your health and enjoy peace of mind knowing TECMASK has you covered.



Our masks offer superior fit and comfort due to:

  • Three distinct layers: a silky soft inner layer, PM2.5 filter and non-woven polypropylene outer layer
  • Our high-efficiency filter, which has been certified by the Nelsons Laboratory in USA as a PM2.5 filter which is proven to block >99% of PFE and BFE particles, with a Delta P rating of <5.0. As a result, our masks are classified at an ASTM Level 3 grade. This high-performance filter protects you from the severe effects of air pollution including pollen, viruses, PM 2.5 particulate matter, smoke, dust, germs, and other airborne pollutants.
  • The cutting edge Silk Touch inner layer, which provides a cool and long-lasting soft feel and has been specially designed with sensitive skin in mind, making it ideal for extended wear. Our inner layer is also makeup friendly and is designed to not smudge your makeup.
  • Sensitive skin-friendly fabrics. TECMASKs are latex-free and non-allergenic.
  • The softer wider ear loops, which reduce pressure on your ears while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • The twin bar nose guard, which aids shaping around your nose and creates extra respiratory protection to the mouth and nasal areas. This feature also reduces fogginess in your glasses during use.
  • The quad fold design and 4plys mask (meaning there are four folds on the mask), which provides 15% more breathing volume than the tri fold design produced by competitors and ensures you enjoy maximum coverage when wearing our products, so you’re fully protected in style.
  • The hygienic seal and individual safety bag, ensuring your mask is protected from contact until its first touch by you.

To protect your physical environment, TECMASK designs our masks to exceed the most stringent technical standards.

Try “…the new art of breathing” today!